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Image pour Servo S6260 Digital HV, ultra rapide à partir de Horizon Hobby
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Servo S6260 Digital HV, ultra rapide
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Application : 1/10 Buggy, Truck, 1/8 Buggy, Truck
Bearing : Dual
Bushing Or Bearing : Bearing
Connector Type : Universal
Connector Wire Length : 7.87 in (200mm)
Current Draw Idle : 9.8 mA @ 6.0V
Current Draw Stall : 4900mA @ 6.0V
Deadband : 4µs
Gear Material : Steel,Aluminum
Gear Type : Metal
Height : 1.25 in (31.8mm)
Length : 1.61 in (41mm)
Motor Type : Coreless
Programmable : No
Servo Operating Voltage : 6.0-8.4V (High Voltage)
Servo Type : Digital
Size Category : Standard
Spline Count : 23 Teeth
Torque : 167 oz-in (12.0kg-cm) @ 6V; 210 oz-in (15.1kg-cm) @ 7.4V; 241 oz-in (17.4kg-cm) @ 8.4V
Weight : 2.3 oz (65.2g)
Width : 0.82 in (20.8mm)
Wire Gauge : 22 AWG

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Foire aux Questions

What's the difference between digital and analog servos?

Digital and analog servos have very similar construction and components. They both use the same type of motors, gears, cases, and have a potentiometer. A digital servo is different in the way it processes the incoming signal and converts that signal into servo movement. 

An analog servo when it receives a command to move, takes that signal and sends pulses to the servo motor at about 50 cycles per second, which in turn moves the motor to its required position determined by the potentiometer.

A digital servo has a micro-processor that receives the signal and then adjusts the pulse length and amount of power to the servo motor to achieve optimum servo performance and precision. A digital servo sends these pulses to the motor at a much higher frequency which is around 300 cycles per second. This helps eliminate deadband, provides a faster response to the servo motor, smoother motor movement, and has higher resolution and holding power than an analog servo.

There are some disadvantages to digital servos, but the disadvantages are not in any way close to out weighing the advantages. A digital servo will have a higher power consumption (Around 10 to 15 mAh per servo at idle) than an analog servo due to its higher pulse frequency, so larger capacity battery packs are recommended. Digital servos also are more expensive than analog servos which can get very costly in applications that require many servos.

What grease should I use on my servo gear train?

For JR servos we recommend Tamiya ceramic grease (TAM87025).

Why doesn't my servo center properly?

There are several scenarios which may attribute to this problem.

1. The servo arm fit on the output spline may be loose.

2. There may be slop or wear in the gear train.

3. There may be slop or binding in the linkages.

4. You may have a faulty servo saver.

5 The push rods may be too flexible.

6. Improperly mounted servo (screws too tight, mounting rail too tight against the servo)

7.Faulty extention, damaged lead or dirty connector.

8. Worn or dirty pot.

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