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Image pour Pack émission Lipo 4000mAh : DX8 à partir de Horizon Hobby
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Pack émission Lipo 4000mAh : DX8 Pack émission Lipo 4000mAh : DX8
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Spektrum DX8 / DX9 Emetteur Accu (2S-LiPo 4000 mAh)

Produits compatibles

Spektrum Pack émission Lipo 4000mAh : DX8 SPMB4000LPTX est compatible avec  SPM20000EU
Battery Application : Transmitter Battery
Battery Voltage : 7.4V
Cell Configuration : 2S1P
Charge Protection Circuitry : Yes
Connector Type : White TX Plug
Wire Gauge : 20 AWG

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Foire aux Questions

Will my JR receiver battery work with other systems?

Yes, JR receiver batteries have a universal type connector and is compatible with most current radio systems.

Can a battery be used after it was charged with polarity reversed?

This depends on the age and condition of the battery, performance may be lessened. Contact JR's Service Center if you're unable to determine the condition of your battery.

Does a JR receiver with a Futaba transmitter?

No. they are not compatible with one another.

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